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Positive-Flow™ Track Collector Pan Systems

The Positive-Flow™ Track Collector Pan Systems and the Flat Track Collector Pan Systems can easily be installed by a crew of four to six men without the need of lifting equipment. The components are manufactured in large, light weight manageable pieces for fast installation reducing the track down time. The Positive-Flow™ Center Pan sections area held in place by a special flashing and the Positive-Flow™ Side Pan sections are held against the rail by back filling against the side pan outside the curb. The Cross Drain Pipe is connected to the pans using stainless steel fasteners and simple hand tools.

The Flat Center Pan sections to the Flat Railroad Track Collector Pan Systems and are held in place by its own elastic resilience and the Flat Side Pan sections are held in place by back filling against the outside curb edge with ballast and pea gravel. The Cross Drain is supported by angle clips lag bolted to the crossties.

Posi-Flow Track
Collector Pan Systems
Center Pan Installation
Flashing Attachment
Side Pan Installation


Fiberglass Construction

Positive-Flow™ Track Collector Pan Systems are manufactured from highly corrosion resistant resins and fiberglass reinforcements that will hold up to most aggressive substances which would normally prove damaging and destructive to steel or concrete systems. Each resin is selected for the specific customer application. The CSI Railroad Track Collector Pan Systems are highly durable and is not affected by temperatures between -50ªF to +130ªF. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is non-conductive and an excellent electrical insulator, important at curcuited signal operations. All system components can be easily repaired by unskilled labor with simple hand tools.

Flexiable Application

CSI Railroad Track Collector Pan Systems have proven highly effective in a variety of environments, i.e., organic elements, acids, alkalies and salts. FRP track pan systems are an excellent choice for severe services such as hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide. At pulp and paper plants, food and beverage manufacturers, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, the Positive-Flow™ system provides spill containment, protects car wash locations and contains grease and oil in rail standing and ready track areas.

Optional Systems

Containment Systems, Inc. manufactures all types of Track Collector Pans including old style flat 19'9" and 39'5" components on 10, 12 and 14 foot widths, including our cross drains. Please contact our sales office for more detail and design information.



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