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If you manage a railroad or industrial facility where railroad tank cars and locomotives are loaded, unloaded, washed down or refueled, you have been faced with the possibility of leaked or spilled materials that can be dangerous to your personnel and hazardous to the environment. Positive-Flow™ Track Collector Pan Systems from Containment Systems, Inc. offer protection by collecting and containing spilled liquids for treatment or recycling.

Liquids that are spilled on Positive-Flow™ Track Collector Pan Systems flow directly to the center of the pans to a recessed drain area. Each drain is connected together by a specifically designed cross drain pipe that ties together the pan system for connection to your main drain line. The recessed drain openings are protected by removable FRP or Stainless Steel covers. The one piece sloped collector pan design reduces the safety hazard caused by standing liquids and can eliminate the potential for leakage at the cross drain pipe connectors. Positive-Flow™ systems comes in standard 12 foot width for maximum coverage. Optional 10, 14 and 16 foot wide systems are also available.

Positive-Flow™ Track Collector Pan Systems can easily be installed by a crew of four to six men without the need of lifting equipment. The components are manufactured in large, light weight manageable pieces for fast installation reducing the track down time. The Center Pan sections area held in place by a special flashing and he Side Pan sections are held against the rail by back filling against the side pan outside the curb. The Cross Drain Pipe is connected to the pans using stainless steel fasteners and simple hand tools.






Flat Track Collector Pan Systems

Managers of industrial rail facilities which handle oil, fuel, and chemicals are aware that spills can be costly, time consuming and often create environmental problems. Containment Systems Collector Pan Systems are providing spill containment at:

  • Bulk Loading & unloading facilities
  • Diesel fueling terminals
  • Ready track and standing areas
  • Locomotive and car washing sites

Flat Railroad Track Collector Pan Systems are designed to collect spills and isolate them from surface runoff and ground water for their treatment or recycling.

Liquids spilled on the Flat Collector Pans flow to the end, where the pans overlap a transverse cross drain. These cross drains are positioned between and supported by the adjacent cross ties. Through the cross drain's tapered sleeve, the materials enbter the drainage system. (See cut-away illustration to the right).

Through years of field experience and testing, the Flat Track Collector Pan Systems have been developed and refined to achieve design simplicity and system economy. This offers the following advantages over alternative methiods:

  • SYSTEM "FLOATS": No fasteners or fixed connections to rail or cross ties, keeping system independent of track shift and road bed movement.
  • LARGE SINGLE PIECE PARTS: No longitudinal or lateral joints to connect or gasket. Pans are continous from cross drain to cross drain.
  • EASILY REMOVED for track/roadbed work or relocation
  • VISUALLY SHOWS the positive protection from surface runoff and ground water.
  • RECESSED DRAIN COVER / cross walk grating: Eliminates hazard of dragging equipment. Keeps litter out of cross drains and drain lines and cannot be tripped over.
  • CUSTOM FABRICATED to meet track curve or spiral.
  • The greatest advantage of this system's design simplicity is the reasonable TOTAL INSTALLED COST.

A Flat liquid collection system used at railroad loading, refueling and unloading areas designed with out the need of major excavation or rail removal. The system consists of a Center Pan that fits between the rails being held in place by its' own elastic resilience and two Side Pans, in 2'-6", 3'-0", 3'-6" or 4'-6" widths, that are held in place by back filling against the outside curb edge of the pan with ballast and pea gravel. At the end of each center pan and side pan is a Cross Drain opening which consists of a transverse fiberglass reservoir which the pans fit on to, connecting the pans together. Each Cross Drain reservoir is connected to a drainage system (furnished by others) from either the bottom or end of the cross drain. A removable grating cover is installed over the cross drain to complete the system.


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